We are a leading global trader in the honey industry, growing year by year to become one of the most important buyers in the world honey market.


Honey market

Maintaining our ethos of safety and quality assurance, we buy approximately 30,000 tonnes pa of bulk honey from all major historical honey producing countries around the world.

Using our extensive technical function, LAMEX guarantees the quality of the honey which we supply; this in itself is a challenge in view of the many well documented problems and setbacks with the honey industry, such as adulteration and antibiotic drug residues. This makes honey a difficult business requiring extensive expertise and investment in people.

LAMEX offers a versatile range of both conventional and organic polyfloral and monofloral honey varieties to major manufacturers and private label brand packers in many different markets around the world.

Lamex has maintained continual year-on-year growth by working with quality suppliers and manufacturers that share our ethos.

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