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Lamex Food Group Limited began trading over 50 years ago in 1966. It was initially known as L&M Canned Goods Supplies but in the early 1970’s the company ceased to trade canned goods and subsequently the name changed to L&M Food Group, to be latterly succeeded by the Lamex Food Group name. By the 1980’s the company had grown considerably and opened offices in the USA and Holland and was now operating in poultry, pork, fish, fruit, vegetables and French fries. As a result of its international reputation and strong financials, Norwich Union Insurance Group took a 19% stake in 1991 which they held for 15 years.

L&M Food Group continued to expand with offices opening in Sweden, Brazil, Thailand, Spain, and Poland, and in the early 2000’s further offices were opened in Ireland, Malvern, Switzerland, Russia and China. Lamex Agrifoods was created in 2011 to streamline the non-protein side of the business, focusing on IQF Fruits, Juices, Purees, Concentrates and Honey. In 2005 L&M Food Group saw their first ranking in the Sunday Times 250 Mid-Market Private Companies and by 2013, Lamex Food Group had joined the Top Track ranking for the Top 100 private UK companies.

Today Lamex Food Group is a worldwide network with over 300 in-house specialists operating from 25 Lamex offices in 17 countries. As global trading becomes more competitive and more complicated, Lamex Food Group has always aimed to continually develop an industry leading service that is highly valued by our customers and suppliers. Benefiting from substantial financial resources and 50 years’ experience, accompanied by a continual investment in people, Lamex Food Group has become a world leader in multiple products and geographical areas.

At Lamex Foods, our ethos is partnership. We strive to ensure that we provide our suppliers with sustainable outlets for their products and provide our customers with long term supply solutions. This often entails utilising our in house, highly qualified technical team to carry out plant audits and on site Q/A programs with our partners. Together we are constantly creating new products, testing new markets and evaluating our strategy with our partners. We are confident that our strategy of partnership will bring continued success to both Lamex and our partners across the globe.

Lamex partners with some of the world’s largest food companies, bringing global procurement and logistical excellence to manufacturers around the world.

Financial Information

We pride ourselves on operating a financially stable, risk averse business, delivering stable and sustainable growth year on year. Faced, in recent years, with a challenging economic climate, LAMEX owes its success and stability to diversifying its business across a number of product sectors and global markets.

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Lamex sources poultry worldwide, importing into the EU from lower cost origins such as Brazil and Thailand and exporting to high volume consumers such as China, Vietnam, from Brazil and the USA.

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Lamex sources from all the world’s major meat production centres. We procure and supply product to this fast-changing and challenging sector where total consumption continues to rise rapidly.

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Lamex created a seafood division in 2009 and now has a varied global supply and customer base with products ranging from shrimps from India to cod from China.

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Fruits & Vegetables

Lamex’s procurement divisions follow the sun to ensure that every crop opportunity is maximised and that every plant with which we work is audited.

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Lamex is one of the world’s largest buyers of honey - more than 20,000 tons of bulk honey was sourced by the company last year from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, China and Vietnam.

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Juices & Purees

Working closely with its fruit division, Lamex buys juices, purees and concentrates from all over the world, for some of the most important brands on the planet. These range from exotic juices in South America to red fruit juices in Europe to apple and pear juice from China.

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Lamex Foods Europe supplies dairy products and solutions to the dairy industry with a product range of milk powders, butter fats and cheeses.