The poultry division has been a corner stone of LAMEX for over 40 years, and is now a worldwide leader in poultry marketing.


Poultry market

Our success is based upon close working relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and customers and our expertise spans processing, further processing, food service, wholesale and retail sectors.

We offer unrivalled service and expertise in managing and assuring our partners’ poultry supply chain needs, all supported by industry leading technical, logistics and administrative functions.

LAMEX offers a truly global coverage comprising the full poultry product portfolio, whether cooked or raw, breaded or marinated - chicken, duck, turkey, hen fowl - whole birds, cuts or offals.

We have an in depth knowledge and understanding of International Customs Procedures, Foreign Exchange, Quota Systems and individual country regulations ensuring we are the forefront of the industry and able to adapt to changing world markets.

Lamex sources poultry worldwide, importing into the EU/UK from lower cost origins such as Brazil and Thailand and exporting to high volume consumers such as China and Vietnam from Brazil and the USA.

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